Family Law

Family Law includes a variety of legal matters related to all aspects of:

  • divorce or legal separation, including division of assets and debts, legal decision-making and parenting time, child support and spousal maintenance;
  • paternity proceedings including establishment of paternity, legal decision-making and child support;
  • the establishment, modification and enforcement of child support;
  • parenting and support issues arising from LGBTQ relationships;
  • grandparent rights;
  • prenuptial agreements;
  • post nuptial agreements;
  • post decree modifications of an already existing order;
  • in loco parentis legal decision-making matters.

Our attorneys are experienced in handling these matters and can meet with you during a consultation appointment to discuss the facts of your case and provide you with legal advice. Please call (520) 322-9003 to schedule an appointment with one of this firm's attorneys.

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